The Memoirs of a Fag HAG


Image by Daniel Hughes

The Fag and his Hag adore each other. The Fag and Hag walk hand in hand into the sunset. Fag turns to Hag and says I love you Hag, and Hag turns to Fag and says yassss Qweeen. The Fag loves the Hag. The Hag loves the Fag.

Fag love Hag.
Hag love Fag.
Fag Hag.

This performance is a dance exploration of Fag Hag power dynamics. Created and performed in collaboration with artist Craig Manson.

This is a work in progress, the first development of which has been shown at The Yard Theatre, London, on 1st July 2019 as part of Live Drafts. Developed and supported by The Yard Theatre, Harlow Playhouse and The Dewar Arts Award.

Next work in progress performance:

21st September 2019, Manchester, Word of Warning’s Emergency Festival