Technophile was a performance project and exploration developed with National Theatre of Scotland's Starter For Ten residency programme 2017 in collaboration with performance maker Aby Watson. Although not developed into a finished performance, extracts  have been shown at the Tron Theatre and Anatomy Arts at Summerhall 2016, and a more in depth sharing was performed at the end of the residency at NTS Rockvilla 2017.  

Technophile was a performance that explored the intimacy we hold with our personal machines. As we increasingly 'buy into' the all consuming nature of technology, the more we are faced with the moral implications of what happens when our personalities become commodities to be bought and sold. In the process we delved into our own search histories, googled what Google knows about us, studied videos of Edward Snowden and embodied expressions of emoticons… We made material from our perspective as young women of the last generation to remember not having the internet and delved romantically into the nostalgia of the now seemingly clunky, retro technology of our youth. We argued between us about the ethics of how willingly we give our personal data away online, and debated freedom of speech. 

Creative Team

Performers/creators: Aby Watson and Katy Dye 

Video Design: Tim Reid 

To read more about this process read our blog for NTS that reflects upon our residency here.

We created a number of video experiments in this residency. This video was taken during the creation process at Rockvilla NTS, Glasgow.