A performance action for live art events and club settings exploring human toxicity and climate change.

Performances: Shared at Live Art Club VFD Dalston 2019 and Camden Peoples Theatre, Live 11, 2019.



A short performance exploring the uncomfortable connection between ‘cuteness’ and empathy. This was a collaborative process with artist Craig Manson.


"A superb piece where the performers take on cat personae to demonstrate how we love cuteness, and attractiveness. A great example of using innovative form to present an important message in a new way" - Quiet Man Dave

"Katy Dye  and Craig Manson took things in a challenging and unexpected direction with ‘The Cat’s Mother‘ – a show that started out cute and ended up raging against entitlement.  It managed to say a lot of pertinent stuff about empathy, the media, injustice and prejudice in a very short space of time. Dye’s closing rant delivered in a child-like voice was chilling" - Circles and Stalls

Developed with Engine Room at NTS and Word of Warning. Work in development Performed at: Emergency Festival, Z Arts Centre, Manchester, November 2017


A solo performance exploring uncomfortable contradictions in British identity.

Performed at The Rich Mix, London 2016 and Camden People’s Theatre 2017. Commissioned by Radical Ideas Rich Mix.


A crude performance persona for club spaces, exploring British arrogance/ignorance and how we deal with colonialist stolen artefacts presented in national museums.

Performances: Queer Theory, Glasgow 2016 and The Rich Mix 2016.


A concert of classical music submerged in the pool of The Gorbals Leisure Centre, Glasgow 2013. Project in collaboration with artist Sarah Short and four professional brass musicians.

NTS Starter Residency in collaboration with artist Aby Watson and video designer Tim Reid (2017). The performance residency explored human identity in the digital age.

Developed with Starter For Ten Residencies at National Theatre of Scotland, Rockvilla, Glasgow. Performance sharings at: Rockvilla NTS, Tron Theatre Outside Eyes and with Anatomy Arts at Summerhall, 2017.

Starter Residency NTS 2017

Starter Residency NTS 2017