Edinburgh Fringe, Summerhall, 2018

Hey Baby!

Welcome to a world of knee socks, bunches, lollypops, bubble gum and models adopting the childlike expressions  of six year old girls. A daring exploration into the paradox of living in a society that continues to infantilise women. Paedophilia is not ok yet fetishised images of women as pre-pubescent girls are. In this brave and outlandish performance a grown woman attempts to be your baby to discover if innocence really is as sexy as we’re told it is.  


//Winner of The Summerhall Autopsy Award 2018//


Performance at Summerhall Edinburgh Fringe, 1st - 26th August 2018.




Lighting Design: Michaella Fee Rossi 

Sound Design: Zac Scott

Producer: Jack Stancliffe 


'A complex clever solo that doesn't dodge difficult questions' - The Scottish Herald 

'Dye demonstrates, forcefully, powerfully, how cramped and debilitated women are by the cultural patriarchal infantilisation of female desire' - Maddy Costa

'A Stand out Performance' - Glasgow Guardian


Press Ahead of The Fringe 2018: 

Featured in most interesting shows to see at the fringe this year, The Independent

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Manspreadin' The News - Interview on Toxic Masculinity with The List


Baby Face Image - credit Daniel Hughes.jpg

Previous Performances: 

In Between Time, BRISTOL (New Bloods Artist) 8th/9th February 2017

Buzzcut Festival, GLASGOW, 2016 

Camden People's Theatre, Calm Down Dear Festival, LONDON 8th October 2015. 


Other Press:

Interview with Dazed and Confused Magazine, 'This artist wants women to turn their backs on youth'. 

Review Exeunt


Trailer and photographs by Daniel Hughes.