Craig Manson’s new production of ‘GAYBOYS’ is a performance that explores the mainstream exploitation of LGBTQIA+ identities for capitalist gain.

‘GAYBOYS’ explores the notion of queer ‘visibility’ within commodification. From the rainbow sandwiches in M&S, to banks pinning up pride bunting, the marketing of gay culture is increasingly fashionable. Does this necessarily mean society is more accepting? ‘GAYBOYS’ is a choreography between two gay men and objects from corporations who pay lip service to queer visibility as a tokenistic badge of ‘inclusivity’. ‘GAYBOYS’ is a precise choreography and live art performance about the commodification of queer culture, and what it means to live in the age of ‘acceptance’.

This piece has been in development since 2017 through a series of residencies at Dice Festival, Summerhall, Alternative Pride, Paradise Palms, Queer Theory and Only Skin.

Lead Artist/Director/Performer: Craig Manson

Performer: Conner Milliken

Producer: Katy Dye