Flag is a performance exploring national identity politics. How much of what we have in common relies on cultural icons and cliches? In this performance I tried to embody British characteristics as much as I could. From statuesque poses of Geri Halliwell, to treating certain members of the audience with more wealth with much more kindness than others.. bending over backwards for some people whilst at the same time being so proud of myself. 

The main objects in the space was a pristine table with a number of different tea mugs arranged on it, each with a different emblem concealed on the back. A polite conversation with an audience member could last for some time, whilst I am drinking from a mug decorated with a swastika. Songs from the Oi Oi bands blare - next to stirring patriotic anthems. Winston Churchill speeches are played so loud you can't hear what their saying. You come away from a trip to the gift shop of the Imperial War Museum with a bag of nostalgic rubbish. Flag turned out to be a performance about the disturbing contradictions of British identity. 

Commissioned by The Rich Mix Radical Ideas, and performed at Buzzcut Double Thrills as a scratch and The Rich Mix 2016, and performed as a finished performance at Camden People’s Theatre 2017.

"Brave, fine and humorous" - The Herald

"Most of what the audience learnt wasn't what they were told directly, but how they responded to certain requests.." **** Female Arts

These photographs were taken on Scotland Street on the old site of the former James Howden & Co works in Glasgow in collaboration with Daniel Hughes. 

Production stills taken by Daniel Hughes