Flag is a performance exploring national identity politics. Winston Churchill, The Spice Girls new labour era of british optimism, and the iconic 'keep calm and carry on' brand, are all dragged kicking and screaming into the cold light of day to find out what they mean now. In Flag I want to explore how much British national identity is reliant on nostalgia for the past, and what we are really holding on to. Hackneyed phrases are repeated again and again, cups of tea are downed, polite conversation with the audience is maintained, but for how long? 

Commissioned by The Rich Mix Radical Ideas

Performed at: The Rich Mix, 16th November 2016  

Camden People's Theatre 18th and 19th April 2017.

There's something brave and fine - and humorous, too - about her outpourings for such an emblem of a still united Britain - The Herald

Most of what the audience learnt wasn't what they were told directly, but how they responded to certain requests.. **** Female Arts

  photography by Daniel Hughes

photography by Daniel Hughes