Katy Dye is an award winning artist from the UK. She creates artworks that include performance/theatre/visual art and photographic collaborations. She is interested in iconography, materiality and entertainment. Whether it is creating performance or visual artwork, Katy seeks to connect to physical sensation when making work. From dance performances in nightclubs, to photographic stills, Katy is interested in the joy and subversion of creating art and bringing this to audiences.  She has been involved in a broad range of projects, from public processions to pub quiz events.  

Her performances have been supported by organisations such as National Theatre of Scotland, In Between Time, Camden People's Theatre, Rich Mix, Hab Arts Manchester and Buzzcut. 

Artistic collaborators on various projects include : Daniel Hughes (Glasgow based photographer and film maker) Aby Watson (choreographer/performance artist) Nima Sene (Berlin/Glasgow based performance artist) Queer Theory Glasgow, Gabriel Spector (New York based choreographer/dance artist)  Jack Stancliffe (Glasgow based producer), Craig Manson (Glasgow based performance artist) and Merlin Hayward (London based sound artist).